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Blue Quartz Hoop Earring

Blue Quartz Hoop Earring

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This stunning quartz hoop earring offers a unique, exquisite beauty that deserves to be displayed.
Each piece is delicately handcrafted from 18k gold plated metal attached to a radiant raw quartz dipped in Iridescent and coated in Titanium.
These are lightweight, beautiful and perfect worn alone or when layered with other earrings.

《《《Quartz Gemstone Properties》》》
The clear quartz is the purest of crystals and considered the master healer. Amplifies energy and thought. Promotes clarity and balance.

"Elegance is when the beauty inside matches the beauty on the outside."

Care Tips: When caring for your crystal earring avoid contact with excessive water, oil or abrasive solutions. Store earrings in a jewelry to avoid warping and tarnishing of the piece.

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